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For some general information regarding our products, suppliers, and interesting articles related to bird health, check out the links we have provided below!




Medpet is a supplier of quality medicines, vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and other animal health products.http://www.medpet.co.za/





Nekton is a European company providing top quality products integrating Amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals into supplements and diets. World-wide recognition for success.http://nekton.de/en/




DAC from Holland provides a wide variety of antibiotics, vitamins, and supplements.http://duivenweb.nl/





Avitech is an American company devoted to not only the health of birds, but their overall wellbeing. They provide high quality vitamins and supplements. Visit their website at : http://www.avitec.com/default.asp 







Pigeon vitality offers a unique form of treatment through its natural products. Be sure to check out their website at : http://www.pigeonvitality.com



A reference from PetMD for a list of diseases, their cause, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and cures:




For a helpful online guide to diseases, their symptoms, and treatment: